Eligibility is limited to residents of New Jersey who are members of the New Jersey REALTORS®, New Jersey Local Association staff, New Jersey REALTORS® staff, or a relative of the prior mentions.

Scholarships are only available to New Jersey high school seniors who will be attending an undergraduate program or students currently enrolled in undergraduate program.

All decisions as to whether or not an applicant qualifies will be at the discretion of the Foundation Trustees.

Check List

(Must be adhered to strictly)

  • Application must be fully completed
  • Transcript Submission is required for the immediate prior 3-year period
  • A personal statement limited to 3,000 characters describing your future goals, interests, career ambitions and financial needs.
  • Two current letters of reference DATED on or after July 1, 2022.
  • Letter of Good Standing of REALTOR®/REALTOR-Associate® membership or staff employment from New Jersey Local Board/Association
    NOT MLS or Employing Broker
  • Proof of the applicant’s New Jersey residency is required (i.e. Student ID, Voter ID)
    A Post Office Box and/or Passport are NOT considered proof of residency.

Additional Resources

State of New Jersey Commission on Higher Education

US Department of Education