Eligibility is limited to residents of New Jersey who are members of the New Jersey REALTORS®, New Jersey Local Association staff, New Jersey REALTORS® staff, or a relative of the prior mentions.

Scholarships are only available to New Jersey high school seniors who will be attending an undergraduate four-year institution or students currently enrolled in undergraduate four-year institution.

All decisions as to whether or not an applicant qualifies will be at the discretion of the Foundation Trustees.

Check List

(Must be adhered to strictly)

  • Application must be fully completed
  • Transcript Submission is required for the immediate prior 3-year period
  • A personal statement limited to one page describing your future goals, interests, career ambitions and financial needs.
  • Two current DATED letters of reference dated on or after July 1, 2017.
  • Letter of Good Standing of REALTOR®/REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® membership or staff employment from New Jersey Local Board/Association
    NOT MLS or Employing Broker
  • Proof of the applicant’s New Jersey residency is required (i.e. Student ID, Voter ID)
    A Post Office Box and/or Passport are NOT considered proof of residency.

Additional Resources

State of New Jersey Commission on Higher Education

US Department of Education